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Jacob & Lina Bashia - Bangladesh
NOTE: Ministry Partner: Campus Crusade
(07/16/2019)We are little bit uncomfortable with our present situation, both ministry and family, because everywhere flooding is affecting our country. Now, may of our house church members and disciples are affected by flood and in the mountain areas there are landslides. Please pray for our house churches and disciples families members; they need help now! Also, some critical situation is going on among the tribal groups which are a big problem for us to visit them. We are also planning to arrange evangelism training on 18-20 of this month, with fellowship program with our disciples among the tribal people. Our disciples are planning to start five Bible study group in this month please pray for them. We are everything doing only by your prayer and power of the Holy Spirit. Please continue pray for us and our ministry. We love you and praying for you continually. God bless you richly. Your loving - Jacob & Lina (Bangladesh Campus Crusade for Christ)

Vinita Shaw (Disha Foundation) - Disha Foundation Delhi, India
(10/24/2018)PRAYER REQUESTS 1. Pray for Mrs Vinita Shaw as she goes to Israel to speak at a conference and network 2. Pray for our radio programs and the teams 3. Pray for our listeners and their needs 4. Pray for our counsellors 5. Pray for the Disha Champions in the making 6. Pray for our volunteers who come to help us 7. Pray for release of resources for various projects 8. Pray for the Christmas outreaches.




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